9 Sleep Enhancement Applications

Mobile applications can save you the trouble of sleeping.The unattainable ideal - 7-8 hours of full sleep - is our main goal.Extracurricular activities, stress, social networking lead to the fact that we barely close our eyes and have to wake up. We believe that you just did not have a miracle application that will replace both sheep counting and herbal tea. Even if we are advised to clean the smartphones an hour before sleep, but if you use them for good, you can. Say goodbye to insomnia and get a big portion of quality sleep! 

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Sleep App

Appilation For Sleep

Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is not only one of the best sleep trackers currently available, but also a great alarm clock: it monitors sleep cycles and gently wakes up at the best time.

But this is not the end of the useful functions of the application. It integrates with Pebble, Android Wear and other wearable watches, as well as popular applications for health Google Fit and S Health. Keeps an eye on whether you snore at night (there is even the function of anti snoring), records the sound, if you talk in your sleep, helps to cope with jetlag when changing time zones.

Sleep Cycle

The principle of the application is quite simple: it tracks sleep cycles and wakes you up during the easiest phase. Or within a 30 minute window to the right wake-up time. If you don't fall into an easy sleep cycle during this time, it will still wake you up and you won't be late for anything.

Good Morning

Good Morning is essentially the same as the Sleep Cycle, only free. Before going to sleep, you need to put your smartphone next to you. The device will track your sleep phases and wake you up at the best time. And every morning it will send you statistics about the quality of your sleep and recommendations for its improvement.

Good Morning application not only monitors your sleep, but also helps you to achieve a specific goal: to develop the optimal mode and not to sleep less than your body needs.

Sleep Better

Besides sleep tracking, Sleep Better has other interesting features. For example, you can enter additional variables (caffeine or alcohol consumption) and see how these things affect the quality of your sleep. In the paid version, there are additional functions: a smart alarm clock, sleep history and a detailed analysis of sleep changes on different days.

Sleep Time

As you have already understood, all sleep trackers work on the same principle: you sleep, they track, you learn about how you sleep. So when choosing which application to use, you should rather consider which application is the most convenient for you personally.

Sleep Time has the simplest, neatest interface, nothing extra. Therefore, it is very comfortable to use. He probably has no other differences from the above trackers.


The Twilight application must be installed on every Android user. In the application you just need to specify your location, and during the day Twilight will make your screen "warmer". The point is that this way it is closer to the night eliminates the blue glow of the screen, which negatively affects the circadian rhythms.

There is also a similar program for your computer - f.lux. Screens with a warm glow seem rather strange in the first days, but you quickly get used to them and soon you stop noticing.


Pzizz application chip - to fall asleep, you just need to press a button. Perhaps, the developers have exaggerated a little, but the concept of the application really works. Pzizz helps people who restlessly sleep at night or do not feel well when they go to sleep for a couple of hours.

You just need to set a limit on the time you want to sleep - from 10 minutes to 12 hours. During this time Pzizz will play music and sounds to help you sleep better. It is recommended to listen to them in headphones, but the speaker on your smartphone will also work.


Calm application is often recommended for meditation, concentration and stress relief. It was not intended as an application to improve sleep, but it does real wonders, helping to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts before bedtime. Just turn on the sound, when you are going to go to bed.


Do you snore? If your answer is "no", you probably just don't know it yet. For those who are sure that they snore, another question is: do you get rid of it at least partially and snore not so loudly?

Snoring is not only annoying to others, it has a bad effect on your own health. It disrupts sleep at night and generally has a negative effect on the quality of sleep, leads to heart problems and low oxygen levels in the blood.

SnoreLab records and monitors your snoring every night. It allows you to know how loud you snore, at what time it happens most often, offers recommendations on how to cope with your snoring. However, this does not negate the need to consult with a specialist.