Aryballe will be exhibiting at Cosmetic 360 on October 17-18, booth ST7.

After winning a Cosmetic 360 award in 2017 in the “Test & Analysis” category, we are back on this famous Trade Fair to show the value of digital olfaction for the fragrance and cosmetics industries. We will be demonstrating the applications & benefits of NeOseTM Pro for these markets.

Our digital olfaction technology is a portable, universal odor sensor able to recognize odors. We will be exhibiting this year again on Cosmetic 360 to show the efficiency and advantages of using NeOseTM Pro in the F&F and cosmetic industries.

With all the quality checks and the precision needed on these cosmetics market, NeOseTM Pro can be a precious assistant for quality control, acceleration of R&D, and support to sensory panels:

  • Verify and characterize quality and sourcing of raw materials
  • Compare fragrances to your own set of reference
  • Validate the quality of finished products
  • Detect conformity of packaging materials
  • Guarantee smell stability & check formulation aging

Come and meet us at booth ST7. If you wish to schedule a meeting and see a live demo of NeOse ProTM, don’t hesitate to contact us :

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