Aryballe at IFT18

Aryballe will deliver an invited keynote session on Monday, July 16th and exhibit in the IFTNEXT Start-Up Alley to present NeOseTM Pro and its applications to the food industry.

Odor detection technology has major applications in the food and beverage industry, ­discover more by visiting the Aryballe booth at IFT2018 in the IFT NEXT Start-Up Alley. Our founder and Deputy CEO Dr Tristan Rousselle will be delivering an invited keynote lecture on “The Promise of Digital ­Olfaction: A Demonstration of the Artificial Nose” on Monday, July 16th, at 11:45 am at the IFTNEXT Stage, North Hall. He will present how new technologies can detect smells and provide objective, consistent data.

From farm to fork, Aryballe provides cutting-edge solutions for industrials across the whole value chain, including:

  • Characterize the olfactive quality of new raw material varieties,
  • Determine product ripeness,
  • Identify raw materials relative to their sourcing or quality grade,
  • Detect conformity defects in food or packaging,
  • Support development of new products by evaluating the contribution of aroma and ingredient components,
  • Ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

If you wish to schedule a meeting during the show to see a live demo of NeOseTM Pro, contact us here.